Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why haven't you read my books yet?

That seems to be a question some authors ask when entering one of their giveaways.

"If you've read my books tell me what you like about them. If you haven't tell me why you haven't yet."

Something to that extent, and for me the answer comes in several forms.

The main reason?

I haven't heard of you yet. Simple as that. I read a ton of YA novels and books as a teenager and then some of the more straight fiction-y books as I aged a little. And then life happened. I had kids, got married, and settled into wifedom and motherhood. I'm just picking back up my serious reading penchant after years off just getting by on grazing the written word. I'd say I'm a year or two back into my habit and just arriving back to the at least one book a week range. There's just that entrance into romance novels after the gap from the YA books where you don't know where to start. I walked into the bookstore blindly to find something to fill my craving for literary imagination guidelines. I wandered into the romance section and happened upon a book by Sylvia Day and a anthology called Parlor Games. After reading those I walked away with two of my favorite writers. Sylvia Day and Julia Templeton. From Sylvia Day I found Sasha White. As I've said before, other writers are the best way to find leads on new ones. This week alone I think I've added about six or seven new (to me) writers to my Facebook. My TBR pile grows by five books with each new add. It excites me though, to find new masterpieces for my mind to consume. I hope to never run out of new creativity to discover!

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