Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I get a lot of inspiration for the subjects for my blog from things I see around other blogs and other random things that spark my interest during the course of that day.

Case in point, today I was reading a blog that carried an interview from a writer who'd written a more modern take on Cinderella's story. Which had me thinking that when I wrote my Top 10 list I forgot someone. Probably because I loaned those books out to someone else to read and they are currently inhabiting a dorm bookshelf.

I've only read three of her books, mostly because there was only three written in this particular series.

Cathy Yardley deserves a definite honorable mention to my top ten, or an award all her own to separate her from the others. I think I'd give her the "Fairytale" Award. The three books I've read were all modern erotic re-tellings of fairy tales, and there was one so well written I didn't want to sleep afterwards because I was afraid the antagonists would give me nightmares.

That one was the re-adaptation of Snow White's story and was titled "Crave".

I won't giveaway any details because I believe each book and story is an exploration each person should take on their own without any cheat sheets.

BUT I would like to see at least one writer tackle one of the harder fairy tales, like say..."The Little Mermaid". Something with a mythical touch that would require lots of imagination.

Just had to sneak that one in.

I do love adaptations on fairy tales though and I hope to find more to absorb somewhere down the road.

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