Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mind boggling deliberation.

When we move on to what's beyond this life I know we're supposed to meet family and friends we've been missing in this existence. Those who've moved on before us. 

But here's what I'm curious about......which of our loves meets us there?

The first love who life pulled you apart from, but you never stopped loving?
The wife you married and loved until she passed away before you?
The second husband who helped you remember what it's like to be loved and live life again?
Or someone we didn't recognize as our soul's missing half?

I mean I myself don't have anyone in mind for myself, other than my husband. But we as humans hand little pieces of our heart to those we love in our lifetime. Do we really know who get's the most significant piece?

It's just something that has alot of variables and makes me ponder......

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