Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reader's Block.

So if writers get writers block, is it called readers block when readers find them self up against a wall?

My normal rate for reading is three days or so for one book. I cracked open a fun paranormal book last week and although it's catchy, I'm not fully caught, yet. So I thought well maybe I'm more in the mood for a strong muscular sexy kilted Scottish man and his romance. I went to my lolarific bookshelf and picked up a book I'd saved for a rainy day. I expected to love this book from the first page on. Sadly I didn't. The book didn't seem to have a beginning to me. I felt like I was just thrust into the middle part of a story. This was a first book, so it wasn't that I was going into the middle of a series. Even then if it had, I've read series books that start out better. It may be that the rest of the book is better and that's where I feel like I've hit my wall. Hence readers block. Does anyone else out there ever have this happen to them? Where you want to read, you have plenty of genre's to choose from but you just feel like "blah" when it comes to reading? I don't know if it's just all the random stress I have going on in my personal life or if I've possibly burnt myself out on reading for a bit. Okay well it's not the second, because I'll never burn out on books. Trust me I have 28 years of experience behind that. Lol. So let's just go with possible outside stress.

Still I ask, does anyone else ever get readers block?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Book Hoarding.

My name is Lola and I'm a book hoarder.

Ok so I've admitted I have the problem but I'm not looking to change it anytime soon!

During a conversation with my husband last night he accused me of being a book hoarder. I freely admitted the fact to him at that point. He asked me which books I'd be willing to get rid of. Ummm the list he got back was blank. I replied I would NEVER give up any of of my Autographed books. Or any from my Top 10 authors.  Although I have more books than just those two groups, I've become my own library and loan out books regularly. It's become the new joke around here that if I ever open a bakery my books have to go and the bakery will have it's own library. How about "The Lolarific Bakery & Library" as a shop name? Lol. And of course there would be lolarific library cards! Maybe I could do international shipping and ship a library member a cupcake or cake balls and a book? I'd sign up for that!

But back to the attachment issue at hand......does anyone else out there book hoard?? When do you decide that it's time to let a book go? How do you decide between which ones to keep and which ones to toss?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Trying new flavors.

I love to read unique books, but generally stick to the same broad genre, Romance. Historical, Paranormal, and a few contemporaries here and there. Observing around a few of the blogs I follow, lately I've noticed there's a big convoy of  YA readers out amongst the blogosphere. I read a lot of those when I was younger (we're talking 13-19) but hadn't picked one up in years with the exception of the Twilight series. Which it happens, I read two summers ago AFTER the first movie came out. I actually enjoyed the books much more than I thought I would.

So with those two things in mind I started paying attention to some of the YA books and reading their synopsis' to see if it was something I'd be interested in reading. I've found a handful of them, mostly mermaid themed ones, but there was one whose cover caught my eye right away. Here's the cover:

Gorgeous isn't it?

It's a book about a 16 year old girl, Gwyneth, who discovers she's inherited a gene to time travel. All of this comes as a surprise to everyone, as it's always been assumed Gwyneth's cousin Charlotte was the genetic lottery winner, thus she was the one groomed for time travel. What follows is mystery after mystery with many questions and no answers in sight. Gwyeth gains a time travel companion with the also genetically enhanced and handsome Gideon. Together they set out to try to  figure out their roles in the mysteries at hand.

I won this book in a contest held over at Tynga's Reviews ( and received it Thursday in the mail. As soon as my little ones were tucked into bed I cracked the book open and was amazed at how easily the book read and how well it kept my attention. I found myself wanting to rush the book along in a few spots, but only because I wanted to hear more of the story and was totally enraptured in the plot. There's not a strong romance plot in the book, but there is some. The driving point is all the mystery that surrounds the time traveling secret society and the chronograph. I wasn't sure at first how well this book would be but I was highly delighted at the results. I didn't know it at the time but this is the first book in a trilogy. The originals were written in German and now I'm anxiously awaiting the second and third books to finish being translated. 

I seriously hope that you guys will check this book out at some point and just to entice you some more I found another blog doing a giveaway for a copy of Ruby Red that ends Monday the 13th. Here's the link : . She also has the book trailer up on her blog if you'd like to check that out too!