Wednesday, May 18, 2011


It's becoming my favorite way to find new authors to follow!

I have a newfound appreciation for author forums and blogs. In the past two weeks I believe I've won three or four books from them. Three are from authors I haven't read before. After reading the interviews and excerpts on said forums and blogs though, I'm actually really excited to read these books. There have even been a few that I haven't won but would still really like to read that persons works. Their name goes down on my list that I carry with me when I go to the bookstores.

I'm such a picky reader that it's normally hard to find a good book/author to keep my attention. I bought one book a while back and the first chapter and a half were landscape descriptions. I haven't brought myself to finish that one yet but I'm sure I may down the road. I like books that capture you right away and hold your attention. My husband has come to realize if the book is THAT good I will be up all night trying to finish it. What I like isn't what everyone else likes though and I can deal with that what I might've found boring others might find imaginative. Everyone has their own interpretations.

So since I follow my favorites on their blogs and Facebook I've come to find a good new list of authors I want to get to know through their works. I'm ready to add a good number to the book count!

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