Friday, June 17, 2011

The sickness.

So I was totally expecting to be knee deep in a book this morning and then I woke up to the sickness. Both my husband and my youngest are stomach sick. Which leaves mommy to take care of them both. So no thon-y reading for me today. I may squeeze in finishing a book I had already started, but my main goal is to not catch whichever virus happens to be roaming about my house. Cant't wait to see how well ya'll are doing with it though!


  1. Grab the bleach/lysol! Quick! As the mother of five....yes five....I am feeling your pain.
    Thanks for stopping by and entering the giveaway. Stop back anytime. My first book is due to be published in September along with a novella, so follow along as I navigate this editing process....Oy Vey! ~ Nadja

  2. Hi, hope your family gets well soon and you can get back to your reading!

  3. Thanks for the well wishes! It didn't seem to last long but was enough to create a headache. :/ After all the dust settled I realized noone had planned anything for Father's Day for my dad and I had to play party planner for what turned out to be a small party of 9 adults and 3 small children. At the end of all the hullabaloo yesterday I promptly passed out and enjoyed the back of my eyelids for awhile. Is it sad I'm happy the week is here? Lol.