Sunday, June 5, 2011


So for those that haven't noticed I'm still really new to the whole blogging thing. When I started I thought I'd rant about my crazy life. Then I realized my life might be crazy but there's not much to rant about. So I thought about where to go from there. About the same time I learned the joys of blog giveaways, in particular blog giveaways. I follow the fabulous Anna Campbell on Facebook and she's always posting different blogs that are hosting interviews with her and other authors. I hadn't really ever done more that just lightly stalk and read what the bloggers or writers had to say about this book or that book that was being promoted. That is until I entered my first giveaway and followed that blog through here. I didn't win that one but I started following those authors that would be guested and from there I found more blogs to follow. Soon after I started leaning all my blogs towards books. When I'm on a tangent I will read non stop until I finish a book. I'm in love with all things books and have a very strong book addiction that this whole blogging world is feeding. Totally nothing wrong with that. I immensely enjoy reading other blogs as well as adding to mine. Often as I've stated before this is where I find inspiration for my blogs.

So it seems as though Lola's blog has taken a literary direction and I only hope that I do well with it. I've found lots of new book blogs to follow this past week through what's called a "blog hop". I stumbled upon one and I'm in love. I suppose I should explain what a blog hop is first, since I didn't even know what it was until a few days ago. A blog hop is where a blog or two hosts a giveaway that includes several other blogs doing individual giveaways too as a way to promote themselves. For me not only am I being able to enter said giveaways, but I'm getting to discover all different types of book blogs. Some are author blogs, some are simply review blogs, and some seem to be just for fun. The just for fun ones are like me I think. Sometimes when you come across an excellent book you want to share your knowledge with someone, anyone! And if you're like me not many people around you read a lot or have the same type of literary appetite as you. I only have a few friends in real life who will tolerate me going, "Oh my gosh I just read THE most incredible book! You have to read it nowwwwwwwwww.".  Some will reply that they'll check it out when they get a chance and then said chance never arrives and I'm still left wanting that discussion with someone who's read the same book.

It's amazingly awesome to find such a community on here where so many of us have common ground. I've thoroughly enjoyed each and every blog I've come across.

I'm ready for summer and the chance to read more and hopefully venture into the reviewing world also. I hope I do well, but most importantly enjoy the books I read and have some fun with my new blogging hobby.

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  1. What a beautiful background. New follower. Don't worry about the particulars. Just have fun. Come visit me.