Thursday, March 13, 2014

I feel like a zombie brought back to life

I love reading with a passion. I've taken a break from it for awhile for a few different reasons, now that I'm back in my zone with it, I realize how much I've missed it. And this. This blog. It's not a big blog. Not fancy in the least. But it's MINE. I enjoy this space. These words being typed bring me all the happy butterflies of production back.

When I was younger, and still possibly, my parents wanted me to be a writer. I read to fuel my imagination as a kid and  the results were I could write effortlessly. In my teens I had a letter to the editor published in a small newspaper in my home town. My small literary claim to fame. And yes I was the kid who was always caught reading after bedtime. A book in one hand, sometimes a pen in the other.

That's why I love this. It's my roots. It's my true love.

A mix of reading and writing. Best of both worlds.

In the past few days I've been entering book contests and liking tons of new author pages on Facebook (and following them on Twitter too). It's helping me find new blogs to follow. New authors and books that I haven't heard of yet.

A couple of weeks ago I won a ticket to RomCon and I am still walking around like I've won the lottery. Most people might find that a sad thing or just not understand. Book people will know that feeling. I really wish I could afford to go to the RT Convention in New Orleans too, seeing as majority of my favorite authors will be there. Sylvia Day, Julia Templeton (AKA J.A. Templeton), Laura Kaye, Vanessa Kelly, and so many others. Plus New Orleans in that mix? Heck yeah! I'm just happy that after so many years of dying to go to one of these conventions I'll be able to attend RomCon.

Not only that I'll be attending....but....

my best friend will be there with me!

We'll actually be road tripping from NC to CO. Epic girl's road trip. The only thing that I think will make that better is if we get to do the 8 hour detour down to see Roswell. Roswell is on my bucket list. As a lover of all things alien, it's a must. I've also been researching random roadside attractions for us to see along the way. Did you know Knoxville, TN has the world's largest basketball??

It's still far off away in June (you know around the time we might actually be out of winter....) but the excitement is coursing through me non stop.

I'm back feeling like myself again, happy and back into doing what I love to do. Reading and telling everyone what I thought of what I read.

Sometimes even to the point of pushing books into peoples hands. (They must absolutely read Brooke Moss's The What If Guy!)

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