Saturday, March 22, 2014

How do you talk to an Angel?

With your mind of course.

I just finished reading Angels Dawn by Komali Da Silva and I really loved it. It seemed like a very fast paced story but at the same time gave me the feeling that there was still a whole lot more to come. It really left me wanting more of the story as soon as possible.

Angels Dawn is a love story, a first love, love story. We're introduced to Dawn first who's celebrating her 16th birthday when something life altering happens. Afterward she realizes slowly her world is completely changing. Her boyfriend Nate isn't really who she's meant to be with. The guy she is meant to be with, Angelo, has secrets he's keeping from her.

There are things I truly loved about this book.

The heroine isn't necessarily some whiny 16 yr old. She's a bit of a tough chick. I loved that. When there are so many books out there where girls don't know what to do with themselves, she says, "No. I'm stronger than that. I'm not weak.". Even if we're allowed to see her heart being broken.

Then I loved the story line and it's pace. At first I thought it may be a little too fast paced but the fact there was never one slump, or down point in the story, had me reading it non stop until I'd devoured the whole thing.

I loved that both the male characters gave the female space when they knew she needed it and didn't push her into anything she didn't want to be doing.

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Now for my dislikes. (And I only really hold one against the author, but not really.)

As a mother I had a problem with the main characters, especially the main female being 16. I felt maybe had she been 17, or even 18, I would've felt more comfortable with several of the sexual scenes in the book. Or even some of the non sexual ones. I just felt she was a bit young for me. That's why it's not really the author's fault, it's just more my preference.

Lastly, there were several misspellings and grammatical errors that bothered me. I'm just a grammer nazi like that. I'd be happy to proofread anyone's book. I've got a serious knack for all things written. Just ask my parents and everyone I've ever help write a paper for high school or college. Or those who just need help expressing themselves. That one's on me too. Just a tiny pet peeve of mine.

Once again though, I really liked the book and have already recommended it to several personal friends to read. I suggest you definitely make room on your shelves for this one!

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