Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In the jungle, the mighty jungle.......

.......the lion man is most likely NOT sleeping tonight.

(Image from Goodreads)

I was so excited this week, for multiple reasons but mostly over the fact I'd gotten my hands on the sequel to Breeding Stock. Both happen to be written by the fabulous Melissa Harlow. None of Melissa's books scream out "normal" romance. Which is a good thing to me. It takes someone really creative and brave to think out side the box.

When The Lion Man starts, we're brought back to the post-epidemic world where supplies are few, and women fewer. I've decided I don't want to go into much detail about what happens in the book because even the smallest summary takes away the feeling of the book and the discovery that goes along with the story.

On that note...........the first book turned me on (no I'm not afraid to admit that, it's a compliment actually, so sit back down and shush a minute.), this one......., this one creeped me out. In the scary way, not in the pervy way. There's something out in the woods beyond our hero's and our heroine and it's scary. I really was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I decided to start reading this at night, which might not have been the smartest move, but once I started I was hooked. This was another one of those all nighters. I was so terrified of having nightmares (although possibly erotic...) that I wouldn't stop reading until I had reached the end of the story.

Then once I got there, sorry Melissa, I found a bit of humor. In the 90's one of my family's favorite movies was a movie called "The Pest" (which starred John Leguizamo). If you've never seen it you should. Takes the entire creepiness factor out of what you've just read. Once again though, I totally love the realness to the plague and the aftermath. Also the three way love that exists between our hero's and heroine. I was curious to see how they would play out, with Vaughn and Nicky having a father/son type relationship, but I liked the way the pairing worked. In the end we still got the happy ending, that's what it's all about. Right?


  1. I couldn't wait to see what you thought of this, and I have been checking and waiting...tapping my foot, biting my nails. I've never seen The Pest, apparently I need to. I spent a lot of time worrying if I had made this book a little too horrific- I guess I didn't necessarily need to worry. I'm glad you found it entertaining, that is my main goal with any of my books.
    Thanks so Much :)

  2. Oh and thanks for calling me "the fabulous Melissa Harlow" I will remind my husband I am just that the next time he wonders why I spent the day writing and "forgot" to cook dinner...

  3. I actually read it the day I got it, but this cold had making a coherent sentence a little tough. I think the book had just the right amount of horror. I just had to double check my big girl panties and remind myself that whatever was in the woods had to be logical, because this was a realistic story, therefore the evil in it had to be realistic too. I'd say "you're welcome" on the fabulous part but you accomplish that on your own. :) As far as "The Pest" goes, I think you'd get a big laugh out of it!

  4. Interesting and intriguing. Thanks for posting this review Loralific. And then we get to meet the author in the comments!

  5. Hi Lolarific!

    Me again!

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  6. Hey can I borrow this miss thing? Or both of them. ;) We really need to start our own book club. THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME ONCE I GET MY NEW APARTMENT............OMG OMGOMG we got to !!!!!