Saturday, January 14, 2012

Don't care how........I want it now.....

Why yes, I am pulling a Veruca Salt.

I just finished The Haunted by J.A. Templeton, Book 2 in the MacKinnon Curse series and I'm already wishing I had Book 3 in hand. I started the book last night about this time and have devoured it over the past 24 hours.

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Book 2 literally picked up where Book 1 left on which means that the reader doesn't miss out on a minute of the lives of the main characters. When reading this book the chapters will fly by and you will glance up and see Chapter 5 and the next time you stop to take an eye break you're on Chapter 25 and the book is at 93%  and you're going, "Noooooooo! I'm not ready for it to be over!!". Which was totally me of course. Thus here I am, elated with the story and the course of the storyline, but sadly impatient that I'll have to wait at least another couple of months before Book 3 is published. (On a side note if Mrs.Templeton happens to stop in here and take a peek at this, my birthday falls on March 22nd and Book 3 would make the awesomest present.......)

Now, on to things I specifically LOVED about Book 2.

Kade. I loved how even though he's possibly one in the same with Ian's spirit, that Riley and he found their own separate footing as a couple. Also, his genuineness in his feelings for Riley. I actually did feel bad for him when the "incident" happens while his and Riley's relationship is so fresh. His pain was just so easily communicated in my opinion and his personality so clear.

Madison. What can I say? The kids got spunk and I love her. I started to worry about our poor Riley with not many sympathetic people around who could understand what she was going through with being able to see spirits. At least none around her age. And even though Maddy is only 12, I feel like she's a strong ally for Riley. As well as Cait, for believing both Maddy and Riley's abilities for what they are.

All in all, even though Laria and her backup goons return with a vengeance, Riley seems to find herself surrounded by lots of love fueled by her friends, Miss A & Anne Marie, her Dad, Kade, and Shane. I was thoroughly captivated by Book 2 and am possibly going to go stir crazy waiting on Book 3.

Edited to add that I woke up this morning and decided to reread the entire book just for fun. Some of you reread Twilight. I will be rereading The Haunted. :)

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